Safety Footwear Certifications Explained

Are you looking for high quality, stylish safety footwear? Protective footwear is not just recommended but it is a legal requirement in a lot of working environments and for good reason! Despite the fact that they are requirement it is important that you pick the correct safety work boots for your needs.

We have a select range of premium work boots and safety shoes that will not only keep your feet as safe as possible but also make sure that you look the part as well! Below are some of our the safety standards you will see when shopping on our website. 

safety work boot certifications

We have a select range of high quality safety boots which cover a range of safety features and certifications. 

Technical features for safety shoes


Water resistant upper

shortcode: WRU



Heel energy absorption



Waterproof shoe

shortcode: WR



Electrical hazard

shortcode: EH



Antistatic shoe



Composite or steel toecap



Breathable upper



Oil and fuel resistant outsole



Slip resistant outsole

shortcode: SRA/SRC



Puncture resistance

shortcode: P


Extra features

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